My 50 Favorite Flicks • #11

Another Kurosawa classic enters the top 50…

Yojimbo (1961)
Yojimbo is a film directly recommended to me by my friend Derek.  I watched it and said, “hey, I’ve seen this before”.  Yes it is the same story as “Fistfull of Dollars”.  But, Leone was using Kurosawa’s film as inspiration.  So I realized this was it.  This was the film that started it.  Many other films have done variations on this plot of two warring groups and one man playing both sides. It fits the mold for many genres.  There is so much I love about this film.  It’s funny, it’s violent, it’s heartfelt, it’s got personality.  I also love the trim running time, which makes it easy to watch any time. Toshiro Mifune puts in one of many classic performances in Kurosawa’s catalog.  Also, I have used it as inspiration for my own comic series on many occasions.


Sunday in Rander • 76th Edition

I got something different to share this week on Sunday in Rander.  I decided to finally make the map of the five points that I had a sketch of for years now.  The reason it took so long is simple, I couldn’t think of names to name all of the villages and towns around the major five points. I always envisioned that I could tell many short fun stories taking place in many of these small towns that have personalities of themselves. I really want to tell a story taking place in Red Edge, I have a few cool ideas!  As you can see the first four issues of Rander only take place in a very small portion of the whole map.  And of course, this map doesn’t show Rander. As the story continues, I can make more maps of the areas that our savior travels to. So I am thinking that this map will be a free giveaway with the first 50 issues sold of Issue #4!  So if you want one, make sure to order on day 1 on Halloween!



My 50 Favorite Flicks • #12

The Coen’s make a mark on my top 50 finally!

No Country For Old Men (2007)
As you can see, my favorite part of this movie is Anton Chigurh.  I went into No Country blind in the theatre, knowing nothing other than that the Coen’s directed it.  I was blown away at everything this had to offer. Suspense, pacing, cinematography, characters, thrilling story.  All I know is that when Anton tells the poor old man running the store to call it, my gut was doing somersaults. Please, turn the lights down, open the windows, and hit play on this instant classic.


My 50 Favorite Flicks • #13

Lucky #13 goes to the greatest sequel of all time…

Terminator 2: Judgement Day

T2 blew my mind as a child.  I did not see the original film before this, but I can only imagine how awesome it would be to think Arnold was going to be a bad guy again and have him turn out to be the protector.  This film has it all, action and explosions to the roof, time travel, machines fighting each other, and practical effects, with an introduction to CGI effects when they could use them. Arnold gives us the best Terminator performance in the series, and god damnit if I didn’t shed tears when he goes into the lava with the thumbs up.  Yes T2 has lots of plot holes in the time travel, but try not to think about that stuff and enjoy Arnold shooting holes in things.

Sunday in Rander • 75th Edition Spectacular!

Hey everyone, welcome to a very special edition of Sunday in Rander!  It feels like yesterday I posted Edition #1 with the first look at Issue #1.  Well, since I have been giving everyone a little bit here and there of issue #4, here is the finished cover!

Just like the past 2 issues, the very talented Jesse Munoz from Stockpile Comics colored my cover yet again!  He does such a great job, and always goes in the direction I am thinking.  I wanted to make an homage to Frank Frazetta’s Epic Conan Cover, and make the smoke coming from the body stacks the face of the Matador.  This cover has symbolism in that it represents the bodies brought to the feet of our savior from the Matador.   I am very happy with this cover, as it was the 3rd version that I came up with, and so happy I kept pushing myself with different ideas.  As for the rest of issue #4, it is on track to be released on Halloween next month!  The book is officially going to be a 44 page comic (double sized!). And it will still only retail at 3.99 which is a god damned bargain!

Thanks for showing up again, see you next time!

RR4 Cover


My 50 Favorite Flicks • #14

T-U-R-T-L-E POWER…You all knew it was coming!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)
Yes, here it is, on of my favorite movies ever.  You all know my dislike for the new TMNT film and this isn’t the forum to bash it. This is a place of happiness and appreciation of a “good” TMNT movie.  The original took it’s source material, not from the cartoon, but from the dark gritty comic.  We are given a very aesthetically dark New York City, a gross grimy sewer, and a really brutal villain in The Shredder.  The story gives us a lot of unique character personalities including Danny who we can follow between the foot clan and the turtles. April has a take no shit personality. The four turtles are all distinct and have a believable relationship amongst each other.  Casey Jones, who looks badass.  The Shredder who looks doesn’t shed emotion until pushed to the point.  And the foot clan, who are traditional ninjas that train kids to join the ranks.  It all works together so well, and you get a real sense of fear in the climax on the roof.  The sequels were clearly geared toward the cartoon fanbase, but I am so happy that we got this film, this perfect perfect film.  TURTLE POWER!

My 50 Favorite Flicks • #15

Going the distance to #15…

Rocky (1976)
Heart, Soul, Muscle.  That is Rocky. What a damn great movie this is.  So many interesting characters. Pauly, Adrienne, Micky, Rocky, Apollo, Cuff and Link!  Rocky is just a brute with a heart of gold in this film and wants to prove it to himself and everyone that he has what it takes to be something.  The fact that he loses, but celebrates going the distance with the champ is just a piece of storytelling that we don’t have nowadays.  The following sequals lost the charm, but were still extremely enjoyable. It wasn’t until Rocky Balboa did I feel like the real Rocky character returned.