Sunday in Rander • 101st Edition

Friday April 3rd marked the opening reception for “Between the Panels” Joel and I’s gallery show at Massasoit Canton Campus. We were very happy with the way the gallery looks, and had a great turnout. And of course, everyone loved the spreads!  The gallery will be open until May 5th if you are in the South Shore area!IMG_8707 IMG_8705 IMG_8706 IMG_8696

Sunday in Rander • 100th Edition Celebration!

100 Editions of Sunday in Rander culminating in the release of the Return to Rander: Lone Savior Graphic Novel!  The past few years have gone by so fast, it feels like yesterday that I posted the first edition of Sunday in Rander in hopes of keeping my blog alive as I made the comic.  It turned into a motivator to me to keep sharing what I was doing for Return to Rander.

So, like I said, I am releasing the Return to Rander 220 Page Graphic Novel RIGHT NOW! It’s for sale on my store right up there^^^. The price is 14.99 plus tax and shipping, and I will include a few goodies!  It is also available on and is enabled for “amazon prime” if you want to save on shipping! However, that version will not be signed by yours truly! So thank you so much to everyone who supported me from inception of this idea straight through the past 2 years! And of course, it is not over, time to get working on a sequel!


I want to thank you all for stopping by week after week and supporting me, it means a lot.  And don’t worry, 101 will be up next week!