DKR • Daily Jersey Sketch

Sketch card of batam DKR! Pen and ink with copic markers.


Returning • Daily Jersey Sketch

Since I am in Jersey for the week taking a Joe Kubert class, I have a lot of free time to work on my comic. Return to Rander. This is a lil snippet. Not much but it’s progress. If all goes as planned I will be starting pencils on issue #1 in 1 week!


The Wild Riders • Stock*Pile Sketch

Here is the final Stock*Pile Sketch of the week.  I don’t know anything about Jacob Rhodes’ The Wild Riders except it has some dudes on horses that fight monsters.  And that is all i need to know.  I hope to see more of this someday.  That wraps up the stock*pile comics week of sketches, so if any of these properties intrigued you, head on over to and show them some support!

Broken Legacy • Stock*Pile Sketch

Here is a sketch of the two bad-ass brothers that I cannot wait to see in their own book!  The story is intriguing and the art will be top notch.  The story is from Jesse Munoz and Rian Miller, with Jesse doing the art.  Go back this comic on kickstarter here

My anatomy is way off in this sketch, I was trying to go for a big hand look, but didn’t turn out how i expected.

Man-Gull • Stock*Pile Sketch

Up next on my Stock*Pile Sketch week… K Rian Miller’s Man-Gull.  If you can’t understand the premise from this image, then this book isn’t for you.  Just kidding, this book is for everyone, go to and get a copy!  Let’s bug Rian to make sure he get’s issue 2 done for SPX2012!

Stock•Pile Sketch Week • Forever Winter

I figured I would start with Mr. Joel Lolar’s Forever Winter. I have known Joel now for 15 years, and have watched this project evolve for the past 10.  It was a great day that Joel came by my work and we had lunch and he showed me a freshly printed Forever Winter #1 with all that hard work he put into it.  It was a great sight to see.  Currently Joel has banded together with fellow Kubert School students to assemble Stock•Pile comics over at, so go check out their books and purchase a few!  I will be posting a pinup sketch of each of their projects for the rest of the week!