Godzilla Sketch Card

It’s Gojira!!!!!!

Pen and ink with copic markers on a 3.5″  2.5″ card



Here is my latest Pummel piece that i started at the Joe Kubert School last month.  I did a little stippling in my pen and ink work, and then went to my usual digital colors! I  am pretty happy with it!

Sunday in Rander • Episode 1

As I said earlier I won’t be doing as much daily sketches for this sketch blog because I will be drawing Return to Rander Issue 1 with all my free time.  I decided to create a weekly preview day called “Sunday in Rander”.  I will post stuff I am working on from the book to let people follow the progress.  So check back every Sunday for a preview to issue 1, debuting in April!

What follows is a panel featuring the villain of the story, he is known as The Matador (thanks dax)  but his actual name is Dimitri