Sunday in Rander • Episode 1

As I said earlier I won’t be doing as much daily sketches for this sketch blog because I will be drawing Return to Rander Issue 1 with all my free time.  I decided to create a weekly preview day called “Sunday in Rander”.  I will post stuff I am working on from the book to let people follow the progress.  So check back every Sunday for a preview to issue 1, debuting in April!

What follows is a panel featuring the villain of the story, he is known as The Matador (thanks dax)  but his actual name is Dimitri

Back to the Future lll • Daily Sketch

Okay, here is another Marty if you aren’t already sick of them.  One thing that makes the Back to the Future series so memorable are everyone’s outfits.  They are all so distinct.  One of my favorite parts of the third movie is how 1955 Doc dresses Marty up as a cowboy like they were portrayed in movies at that time (colorfully!)

Rocketeer Sketch Card

I am going to by winding down on the daily sketches a lot since i have to get Monsters Monsters Monsters done this month, and started working on Return to Rander pages.  I will be updating with random art I do, and custom sketch cards.  Including this one that I recently did.  You can get your own sketch card if you go to my store link right above!

Done with Pen and Ink with Copic Markers.