Sunday in Rander • Episode 5

Happy Sunday Rander fans!  Another week has passed with another page in the bag!  I will be starting rough pencils for page 18 tonight and hope to finish it by next Sunday completely.  Having worked the table at the Massachussetts Independent Comic Expo yesterday, I really loved the attention and support that the attendees gave us!  This gets me more and more excited to let them all see Return to Rander in 2013 all year long!  This week I am sharing with you every single page I have made so far.  But the catch is that it is a screencap of my computer with the page layout, and you can’t really see detail.  I wouldn’t want to spoil the story for you all just yet.  So bittersweetness can be the subtitle of this week’s post.  But don’t worry, come the Holiday season, I will be releasing a 5 page preview of issue 1!  So, until next week…

Sunday in Rander • Episode 4

Sorry for not having an episode last week.  Due to Small Press Expo and being in Maryland for 4 days it wasn’t a possibility to get anything of worth together.  So this week I need to make it up to all you Return to Rander fans and give you a nice epic panel.  Here we see our nameless hero and savior looking into the endless distance and wondering where Rander is.  I hope these panels I show work well out of context and I can’t imagine they spoil anything before reading the book.  So until next week…



Well tomorrow i am off to SPX in Bethesda Maryland with Joe Dax, Joel Lolar and Rian Miller.  We will be selling our creative goods all weekend long!  If you live in the area, come on by, there will be some amazing independent comic work there!

Here is a Superman sketch card I sold recently to keep the art flowing on the blog!

Sunday in Rander • Episode 3

This week on Sunday in Rander, i share with you actual panels!!!!  They are not done yet, but are penciled inked and waiting for my colorist to get to them…. By the way the colorist is me, and when i say colorist, don’t start thinking about colors, because it’s just gonna be graytones. In this panel we just see some eyes.  Not much at first, but oh if you could see what they were talking about you would really enjoy it more!  I just need my damn letterer to get around to lettering these things.  Oh wait that’s me too!   As of this posting I am working on page 14, which should be done by friday!  And that will be the halfway mark of issue 1!