Frank from Hellraiser • Stock*tober

My last entry for stock*tober and yet another movie that scares the $h!+ out of me is Hellraiser and Hellraiser 2.  Again, like most horror series, the rest of the sequels are very lackluster, if not downright disgraceful.  I saw these movies when i probably shouldn’t have.  I think I was about 10-12 when seeing them both on HBO and they are burned in my brain and make me hope to god that I never encounter the cenobites!  Clive Barker really made you think that Hell was what you saw on this movie (although it is revealed that it isn’t actually hell) .  The torturous designs of the characters as well as the sounds of the chains and those weird pillars spinning.  It gives me chills just typing about it. I couldn’t figure out what character I wanted to do, i actually did a  Pinhead card who is the poster boy for these movies, but the other cenobites are even more gruesome.  But what always freaked me out was Frank.  Frank is a man who is trying to rebuild his body by consuming the blood and organs of poor victims brought into the house and slowly regenerates his own body.  Quite amazing effects for the time, and downright horrifying..  If you haven’t seen these 2 flicks, be warned they are very gory, and definitely have multiple occurrences of peoples skin being removed.  Yuck.  This card was done with copic sketch markers on top of some pen and ink work. I used the color blender to get a wet look. See you next halloween!

Leatherface • Stock*tober

Tony Sedani up at bat again!  My next choice for Stock*tober was Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

(To my surprise Joel and I actually made a card exactly the same!)

This movie still creeps the hell out of me everytime I watch it.  I have seen it numerous times, and it never gets easier to watch. Right from the beginning the film almost makes you think this is a true story by intro by John Larraquette.  It literally feels like you are watching a home movie since the film quality and audio wasn’t so great as I mentioned in my Excorcist post.  Again, the movies that scare me the most are the ones that can actually happen.  And this is horribly possible! I buy that there are families out there right now capable of doing this and probably have. This card is from the end scene when Leatherface chases their captive girl from their house as she tries to escape.  A very suspenseful scene ending in such a realistic series of screams from the girl.  Chilling Movie to say the lest.  Later remakes and prequels of remakes and prequels to prequels are all garbage and will never re capture the original’s horror.

Freddy Krueger • Stock*tober

Tony Sedani here again, and for my 3rd move that scared me the most is A Nightmare on Elm Street.  I wouldn’t say I am a big Freddy fan, but I have seen every single one of them.  All the sequels are just ridiculous and crazy, but the original will always be a quality film.  Freddy was evil and relentless, not like how they eventually made him a funny villain.  Nothing like this film had every been made before, so getting the idea that a man can kill you when you fall asleep is just really scary and when you are a 10 year old you DONT wanna fall asleep after having seen this.  No one can help you in your dreams!  The story is actually pretty awesome, a neighborhood pedophile gets burned alive by the parents of the victims, so he comes back in the kid’s dreams to take revenge. Although, isn’t that revenge on revenge?  Another thing like about the film is the practical effects.  They did a lot of cool things in the movie, and it’s fun to figure out how they really did it.  The sketch card I did here was done with copic pens and copic sketch markers.

If you want to own this card go here!

Sunday in Rander • Episode 7

This weekend I attended the New York City Comic Con for the first time.  It is definitely the biggest and best I have ever been to.  The Artists Alley was almost the size of full cons i usually go to!  And it was PACKED with talent.  This week’s Return to Rander post brings artwork from one of those in the Artist Alley.  His name is Bryan “Kaiser” Tillman.  I commissioned him to do a Rander Sketch card, and damn it came out killer!  Go check out his work at or

The Excorcist • Stock*tober

Continuing with the 5 movies that scared me the most is The Excorcist.  I know it is cliché  to say that it is one of the most scariest movies ever, but it is damn true.  I think they claim that it is a true story in the beginning which gets your mind racing thinking this really happend, a clever trick many horror movies use to strike fear even further into you.  It has a very creepy haunting feeling throughout the film.  What makes alot of 70’s horror films scary is the quality of the film and audio.  It almost makes them feel like they were filmed with a home camera.  Nowadays we get HD quality films that feel way too polished and doesn’t trick our mind as much.  So as for the card, I took a very gross scene from the flim and exagerated it a bit.  This was done on 3.5″ x 2.5″ card with ink and Copic sketch markers.  See you next week!

Sunday in Rander • Episode 6

Hello again for another episode of Sunday in Rander.  We are just getting closer and closer to the release of Return to Rander #1!  This week brings to you a new teaser image! I will be handing out cards all year up to the Boston Comic Con that will have this image on the front with info about the comic on the back!

Some of you may remember that this is based off the same theme of what i teased circa 2006


Michael Myers • Stocktober

When I was presented with being part of the Stocktober daily event over at I decided to pick the 5 movies that scared me the most in my life, and sketch the characters from said films.

First up is my all time favorite horror character, Michael Myers from Halloween. I have seen this movie over 50 times, and I make sure to watch it every Halloween Season. This movie scares me because it is very simple yet realistic story. Michael escapes from the loony bin, and goes on a murderous rampage, no supernatural nonsense like later sequels bring into it. And to top it off has one of the most creepiest endings in any movie, and if you have never seen it please put it on your “to see” list this month.

Later sequels of Halloween fall extremely short in living up to the original. Halloween 2 is good, basically a direct sequel and really ends the story. 3 is irrelevant, but decent in its on regard. 4 is atrocious, 5 does some cool things, but still falls flat. 6 is a mockery of the series. And H20 is actually a personal favorite of mine, disregards every sequel and keeps it simple a good bookend to the original. But of course part 8 undoes and pisses all over 7. Then we have the two remakes… and that’s all i really have to say about those…

Sketch Cards Volume 5

Here is yet another collection of cards I have sold recently.

Biff from BTTF, Marty for BTTF3, Cyclops, Wolverine, Doc Brown, Bane, Godzilla, Bane from DKR, Two Face, Godzilla again, Spider-man, Katniss.

All of these done on 3.5 x 2.5 card stock with copic markers

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