Freddy Krueger • Stock*tober

Tony Sedani here again, and for my 3rd move that scared me the most is A Nightmare on Elm Street.  I wouldn’t say I am a big Freddy fan, but I have seen every single one of them.  All the sequels are just ridiculous and crazy, but the original will always be a quality film.  Freddy was evil and relentless, not like how they eventually made him a funny villain.  Nothing like this film had every been made before, so getting the idea that a man can kill you when you fall asleep is just really scary and when you are a 10 year old you DONT wanna fall asleep after having seen this.  No one can help you in your dreams!  The story is actually pretty awesome, a neighborhood pedophile gets burned alive by the parents of the victims, so he comes back in the kid’s dreams to take revenge. Although, isn’t that revenge on revenge?  Another thing like about the film is the practical effects.  They did a lot of cool things in the movie, and it’s fun to figure out how they really did it.  The sketch card I did here was done with copic pens and copic sketch markers.

If you want to own this card go here!

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