Frank from Hellraiser • Stock*tober

My last entry for stock*tober and yet another movie that scares the $h!+ out of me is Hellraiser and Hellraiser 2.  Again, like most horror series, the rest of the sequels are very lackluster, if not downright disgraceful.  I saw these movies when i probably shouldn’t have.  I think I was about 10-12 when seeing them both on HBO and they are burned in my brain and make me hope to god that I never encounter the cenobites!  Clive Barker really made you think that Hell was what you saw on this movie (although it is revealed that it isn’t actually hell) .  The torturous designs of the characters as well as the sounds of the chains and those weird pillars spinning.  It gives me chills just typing about it. I couldn’t figure out what character I wanted to do, i actually did a  Pinhead card who is the poster boy for these movies, but the other cenobites are even more gruesome.  But what always freaked me out was Frank.  Frank is a man who is trying to rebuild his body by consuming the blood and organs of poor victims brought into the house and slowly regenerates his own body.  Quite amazing effects for the time, and downright horrifying..  If you haven’t seen these 2 flicks, be warned they are very gory, and definitely have multiple occurrences of peoples skin being removed.  Yuck.  This card was done with copic sketch markers on top of some pen and ink work. I used the color blender to get a wet look. See you next halloween!

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