Forever Winter MEME

Just thought of something funny for Joel Lolar’s Forever Winter comic and turned it into a famous MEME!  Enjoy!


Sketch Cards Volume 6

Here is yet another collection of sketch cards that I have done in the passed month.  Get your own if you go to my store.

Sunday in Rander • Episode 6

Hello again for another episode of Sunday in Rander.  We are just getting closer and closer to the release of Return to Rander #1!  This week brings to you a new teaser image! I will be handing out cards all year up to the Boston Comic Con that will have this image on the front with info about the comic on the back!

Some of you may remember that this is based off the same theme of what i teased circa 2006


Michael Myers • Stocktober

When I was presented with being part of the Stocktober daily event over at I decided to pick the 5 movies that scared me the most in my life, and sketch the characters from said films.

First up is my all time favorite horror character, Michael Myers from Halloween. I have seen this movie over 50 times, and I make sure to watch it every Halloween Season. This movie scares me because it is very simple yet realistic story. Michael escapes from the loony bin, and goes on a murderous rampage, no supernatural nonsense like later sequels bring into it. And to top it off has one of the most creepiest endings in any movie, and if you have never seen it please put it on your “to see” list this month.

Later sequels of Halloween fall extremely short in living up to the original. Halloween 2 is good, basically a direct sequel and really ends the story. 3 is irrelevant, but decent in its on regard. 4 is atrocious, 5 does some cool things, but still falls flat. 6 is a mockery of the series. And H20 is actually a personal favorite of mine, disregards every sequel and keeps it simple a good bookend to the original. But of course part 8 undoes and pisses all over 7. Then we have the two remakes… and that’s all i really have to say about those…

Sketch Cards Volume 5

Here is yet another collection of cards I have sold recently.

Biff from BTTF, Marty for BTTF3, Cyclops, Wolverine, Doc Brown, Bane, Godzilla, Bane from DKR, Two Face, Godzilla again, Spider-man, Katniss.

All of these done on 3.5 x 2.5 card stock with copic markers

If you want a custom card or want to buy one of my cards go to my store above, or search ebay for mistersedani