James • Novembrrr

My final Novembrrr sketch is here, I actually made this one to resemble those old japanese samurai art scrolls.  added some colorful shapes in the background and wrote Forever Winter in Japanese and there you go!  It’s been a fun month full of snowy art.  Let’s just hope it doesn’t really snow too much this winter!

~Tony Sedani


Sunday in Rander • Episode 10 (Super Return to Rander for the NES)

Here is a little 8-bit Rander!  After seeing wreck it ralph last week, and replaying scott pilgrim game, I really wanted to make a Rander 8 bit version, added a mario 2 background and an 8 bit snake in here and this is what we get.  As far as Issue 1 goes, it is coming close to completion for next month.  That’s all for this week, see you next time Rander fans!

Oni • Novembrrr

Tony Sedani here for week 4 of Forever Winter Novembrrr.  I decided to go digital this week.  I drew Oni, the badass, well dressed menace.  I pulled back a bit to show the setting (something I have been trying to do in all of my art as of late). Not much else to say except Oni got a nice vantage point on top of this Red Line train car.  Happy Thanksgiving all!

Noah • Novembrrr

Noah.  Sometimes when I think of Joel’s Forever Winter, Noah just seems to always come to mind.  He may not even be that big of a character, but when Joel created him he stuck. If there is one character that I have drawn more than my Return to Rander character it is Noah.  Perhaps it’s the mysterious gas mask he wears, or the hording mentality that keeps him going, and maybe the fact that his knowledge is power in a dog eat dog world. Whatever it is, I have a feeling he will be a fan favorite!

I went traditional again this week, and stuck to my variety of grey copic sketch markers.

Sunday in Rander • Episode 9

Another Sunday in Rander here for your enjoyment!  This week brings to you a piece of art I did just yesterday!  It is the banner for the ReturntoRander.com page.  Which is currently being updated, and should be all filled in by the end of the month.  Things are really wrapping up quickly for issue 1.  Currently pencling page 25 out of 28.  Back up story that John Yuskaitis will be illustrating has been roughed out in pencils and should start to shape up soon.  I will also be pencling the cover to issue 2 very soon as it will have a coming soon image in the back of issue 1.  So get excited Rander fans, it is only 4 months until it comes out!