Marlee • Novembrrr

My first Forever winter sketch for Novembrrr is Marlee. I did a backup story for Joel’s book a few years back and involved this character Marlee.  He is heir to an organzied crime syndicate.  When I first thougt about him, I just pictured a no good whiny brat that got everything handed to him.  But then you start to think about the setting.  The type of world it is.  It doesn’t really seem like a world where people get spoiled, it’s a dog eat dog world out there.  And Marlee probably just wants to take what is his.  And considering what is going on in the backup story I worked on, I can see Marlee will have some difficult decisions he must think about.  Hence why I drew him in this situation like he is extremly stressed out.  So hopefully this month of Novembrrr will make Joel even more pumped to draw FW2 and we will get it even sooner!  Great job Joel, on creating a great universe of interesting characters.  See you next week!

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