Tony Sedani here again and like 99.9% of the comic world, I loved Avengers, and it is definetly in my top 5 movies of 2012. I think my favorite part was our Big green friend. I loved the last HULK movie, and I thought this one built off of what they were doing and refined him perfectly. The look is perfect, the humor was perfect, and his smashing was perfect. So for this card, I decided to just do an extreme close up. It was penclied, inked and colored traditionally with all my favorite copic pens and markers. I wanted to get him smirking like he does in the movie, but I couldn’t find a reference clip of it, so i tried to make a head on view of him smirking. And of course, I can’t wait till Avengers 2!



If there was one thing I actually liked about the Matrix Reloaded, it was the marketing posters.  I really loved the idea of not showing the heads of the characters.  I don’t know if it is because we all know who these people are, or we are curious to see more of the character. Not sure what makes me love the cropping of it so much. But this is what I decided to do for this piece.  Based on another enjoyable movie of 2012 was The Expendables 2.  It will definitely not be making my top 10 list of the year, but I will always enjoy seeing my action stars of yesteryear shoot stuff on the big screen.  I drew this and colored it digitally.

~Tony Sedani



Another one of my favorite films of 2012 is The Grey.  I missed this one in the theaters because I judged this “book” by it’s “cover”.  I assumed it was going to be a cliche action movie with over the top sequences, a pale story and uninteresting characters with a predictable ending.  I was wrong, dead wrong.  I recently picked it up on Blu Ray a few months back and watched it blindly and absolutely loved it.  The message of the movie is what moved me.  I was literally glued to the screen the entire length of the movie, due to the intense suspense, interesting character stories, and amazing visuals.  The soundtrack also adds immensely to the experience. The end nearly brought me to tears as we get a very artistic ending.  Look for this sleeper to be in my top 2 of the year!

This was drawn traditional and colored digitally.

~Tony Sedani


Spider-man Sketch Cover by ME!

Yes, I am addicted to doing these comic book sketch covers.  I recently pullled out the ones that I have bought in the past and started thinking of what I can draw on em.  This was Amazing Spider-Man #648.  As per usual, I inked with copic tech pen, and colored with my copic sketch markers.  As you can see I posted progress pictures again, and will list this on ebay, unless anyone out there wants to buy it within the next few days!

spidey1spidey2 spidey3 spidey4 spidey5

All New X-Men Sketch Cover by ME

I have always been intrigued by the sketch cover variant of marvel books over the recent years. I have boughten a few and never got around to bringing it to an artist to have a sketch on it, mostly because I don’t think after paying an artist I really like draw something that I would want it on a comic cover.  But I just recently bought the All New X-men comic from Marvel Now, and decided I am gonna make my OWN sketch cover.  In the story Beast goes back in time (sans delorian) and tells young cyclops that he needs to convince the present day cyclops to stop being a monster.  So i just assume these two will come face to face and defy any time parodox.  So that’s what I decided to go with on the sketch cover.   I posted a series of pictures showing my progress.  Also you can see my wide array of copic sketch markers that came in very handy with this peice.  I was pretty happy with it, and may post it on ebay with a reserve and see what happens!

markers1 2 3 4


Next up on some of my favorite films of 2012 was DREDD.  I am pretty sure it will make my list for top 10 of 2012. But for all it’s worth, this film was the one that blew away my expectations.  I wasn’t thrilled to see this, but decided to give it a shot.  I liked how it really kept the storyline simple, and focused more on the action, and characters.  A few twists and turns and lots of blood later, and i was leaving the theatre wanting more!  It hooked me so much that I am buying the monthly IDW Dredd book now.

As for the sketch, I penciled and inked traditional, and colored digitally.  The perspective is off a bit, but I think we get the point.

~Tony Sedani



Into the final month of 2012. But the art just won’t stop!  This month I have picked some of my fav movies to make art from.  In the midst of watching all the Bond movies in order, this comes from my favorite scenes from the latest 007; Skyfall.   I was blown away by the visual direction that this movie took.  Moreso than any other Bond movie that I have seen, it really works hard to make sure it’s not only action packed but visually interesting.  Sam Mendes really brought a good pacing to the franchise, and created a lot of suspense and tension.

I didn’t actually make this on a sketch card, but drew it in my sketch book and inked it with copic pens and used a few light blues to make that nice jellyfish image in the background.  I just created this pose from imagination hoping it represents the awsome fight that I did see.  Go check out Skyfall before it leaves theatres.

~Tony Sedani


Sunday in Rander • Episode 11

Hadn’t planned anything to share this Sunday, so I am gonna wing it and show a behind the scenes picture!  Here is a work in progress of an actual page from the Return to Rander First Issue!  As you can see it is penciled in Blue and I go over in inks with these technical pens and a brush pen.  Then it gets scanned and I adjust levels so all that blue pencil disappears!  Or I can just tell you it’s “MAGIC”!  Until next week fans…