All New X-Men Sketch Cover by ME

I have always been intrigued by the sketch cover variant of marvel books over the recent years. I have boughten a few and never got around to bringing it to an artist to have a sketch on it, mostly because I don’t think after paying an artist I really like draw something that I would want it on a comic cover.  But I just recently bought the All New X-men comic from Marvel Now, and decided I am gonna make my OWN sketch cover.  In the story Beast goes back in time (sans delorian) and tells young cyclops that he needs to convince the present day cyclops to stop being a monster.  So i just assume these two will come face to face and defy any time parodox.  So that’s what I decided to go with on the sketch cover.   I posted a series of pictures showing my progress.  Also you can see my wide array of copic sketch markers that came in very handy with this peice.  I was pretty happy with it, and may post it on ebay with a reserve and see what happens!

markers1 2 3 4

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