Sunday in Rander • Episode 13

Lucky episode 13 brings you the new exclusive Return to Rander print that will be used as a kickstarter pledge level in March!  It may just be a kickstarter exclusive, so don’t expect to pick one of these up at a Con unless there are some left over!

And if you haven’t already please check out the exclusive Issue 1 Preview HERE!

RR PINUP color

Cable & X-Force #1 Sketch cover by ME!

Yet again, i bought the sketch cover variant of the new Marvel Now book Cable & X-Force #1.   I decided to draw the new design of Cable ::cough(Solidus)cough::

I used the usual Copic toolkit of pens brushes and markers to put this together.  Hope you enjoy!

detail IMG_1867 IMG_1869 photo

Sunday in Rander • Episode 12

Finally we have reached 2013, the year of Rander!  This week’s episode will show you an actual page out of the back of issue #1!  This is going to be some extra stuff you get aside from the story.  Also please check out and LIKE the comic.  I will be posting exclusive things just to the facebook page, including a 5 page preview of issue 1 next week!