Sunday in Rander • Episode 17

It is true.  I am going to Kickstart the printing for Return to Rander issue #1!

I plan to have the Kickstarter campaign begin on March 1st with lotsa goodies related to the comic.  Including original art, stickers, prints, and a t-shirt! And since the comic is 95% done, it will ship super soon.

Stay tuned to here and my facebook page to find out when it goes live!


Sunday in Rander • Episode 16

February is here Rander fans, and with it is tons of snow!  During #Snowpocolypse I took advantage of the downtime and started working on a side story for Return to Rander.  I am not sure where this will debut first. But it will definitely be in a collected edition of Return to Rander at some point.  This is page 4 of the 7 page story.  Gruesome, yes.  The artwork is all done and inked and I just need to letter it.  Stay safe friends!

PT 4

Get Trashed

Happy Birthday to ME!  I decided to share a piece from my “Monsters Monsters Monsters” Book.  Here is the trash monster that I created.  He is made up of all the things we don’t want. And he will have his vengeance!  If you dig this, you might dig my book, so buy it HERE!