Sketch Covers!

Hey everyone. Sorry for the lack of actual art posts this month. The kickstarter campaign has really consumed a lot of my time as of late.  The first issue of Return to Rander has officially 100% Funded, and has been sent to the printers.  This is great news because #1 I will be able to start shipping orders on April 1st.  And since I will have the books in posession people can start ordering from my online store on April 3rd.  I have already received the small run of sketch cover issues and have been drawing the full color sketches on them for the $50 reward. So please enjoy and if you want one for yourself, visit the kickstarter!


Sunday in Rander • Episode 20

Welcome to Episode 20! And with it the cover to Issue #1. I wanted to go for a simple straightfoward cover. I toyed with the idea of using a traditional pinup of all the characters, or an action scene. But decided on something that won’t give much away, and hopefully in years to come will be classic looking.  So for your enjoyment here it is.  The book will be available April 1st on this site, and April 3rd in local boston comic stores. And if you want to contribute to the production of issue 1, the kickstarter campagin is going on now and will commence March 31st!

comic book RR