Sunday in Rander • Episode 23

This week’s Sunday in Rander episode brings you a warm up mini comic.  I was just sketching some character designs for issue #2, and in doing so, drew this little bar room story.  You can probably see it someday in print in a bonus section.  Come back next Sunday to see artwork from issue #2!RANDER BAR COMIC

Return to Rander Print

I have a surplus of 11 x 17 Return to Rander prints!  If I get enough requests I wil l make it availble on my online store right up there ^^^.  When they are gone, they are gone. You will also be able to pick the print up at the Launch Party in June, and Boston Comic Con in August!


Sunday in Rander • Episode 22

This week’s episode brings to you old art.  I am going to open the vault this one time to show you the original Return to Rander comic strip arc!  So now you can see the true roots of the book!  There will be a short story that I will write and illustrate that is derived from this battle that will be out in January.  Enjoy!