Rander Pinups!

Hey everyone, I been slow on making art the past few weeks.  Been writing issue #2, and been on vacation.  But to keep the blog going I wanted to share 3 awesome pieces of artwork I got recently!  They are all Pinups of Return to Rander done by some very talented artists. They all have captions under the pic. Enjoy!

jessemunoz pinup

This pinup was done by the very talented Jesse Munoz.  Jesse was hanging in Boston for the Con that never happened.  While doing so, he banged out this pretty piece with traditional media!  So this makes it very rare!  Great job Jesse.  Check out his work at http://www.stockpilecomics.com


This piece was done by the Multi-talented Writer/Artist Rian Miller.  Rian was also in the same situation in Boston as we were all trying to make the best of a tough weekend.  Rian busted out his pen and ink, and put together this astonishing Matador piece.  I am still looking at the linework up close in amazement.  You can check out Rian’s work at http://www.stockpilecomics.com


This piece was done by Sean Marooney. A big name on the Pencil Jack .com forums.  He brought a very vibrant and unique look to the character!  Check him out at penciljack.com!


Thanks guys, these all rock!



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