Sunday in Rander • Episode 27

Last episode of June brings to you a panel in progress!  I worked on this panel today, and gives a grissly look at what is to come.  Frustrations are high as the chase continues. I don’t want there to be any context in terms of who this happens to and when, so don’t ask.  Just know, that yes, the Matador returns for issue 2 and is pissed.  I have now told enough people that I plan to release issue 2 sometime in November.  Sharing it here will only keep me more motivated to make that date!  I plan to get a lot of the finished pages scanned and start setting up the layout of the issue and throw in some dailogue.  I’ll keep you all posted for sure!  Till next week, Happy 4th of July!

issue 2 panel

Green Arrow Sketch Cover

This is probably the only issue of Green Arrow #17 I have ever bought.  I decided to draw a new 52 younger arrow.  So i guess he is kinda hip. I also gave him a robin hood cloak, if they are gonna rip off Robin Hood, let’s go all the way!

greenarrow sketch cover

Sunday in Rander • Episode 26

Welcome back! It’s another mini comic at a bar! I have decided to do a series of these with all of the different characters in the Rander universe talking to the bartender about things going on in the world. They may give more insight into scenes you read in the comic or it might just be tidbits to give the characters more depth. Because we all know people always give up the good gossip to the bartender. See you next week!

barstrip 2

Sunday in Rander • Episode 25

Episode 25 of Sunday in Rander is here.  With this week’s episode I give you the new sticker that will be available at my con booths for the rest of the year.  It will be die cut and sticky on the back so you can stick it on your favorite book!  Issue #2 is on it’s way to a 2013 completion!  I will share some artwork directly from the book soon.  Till next week…