Sunday in Rander • Episode 31

This past Tuesday I attended the Comicazi Drink & Draw over in Davis Square in Cambridge.  Met some cool local comic creators, drank a few pints and put pen to paper. This was my warm up for the night, and I actually started doing a page for Issue 2 at the event!  Boston Comic Con is THIS Saturday & Sunday!  I will be selling copies of Issue #1, Full Color Prints, Original Artwork, Mini Comics, Giving away stickers, mini prints and more!  So come to the Comic Con and get your geek on.


Sunday in Rander • Episode 30

Happy Sunday!  Another week, another post of content for Return to Rander!  As of right now you can search for issue #1 on comixology and get it for just .99 cents!  What follows is another mini-comic giving some insite into a character from issue #1!  Boston Comic Con is just 12 days away!  I will have plenty of issue #1 to sell!

mini strip 4

Sunday in Rander • Episode 29

Mid July and production is still going.  This week I am just gonna snap a picture of a page in progress with some loose pencils.  Next week will be another mini comic for Episode 30!

And for anyone who hasen’t picked up issue 1, it will be available on the COMIXOLOGY app for Ipod, Ipad, and Kindle Fire this Wednesday for just .99 cents!


Sunday in Rander • Episode 28

Rander fans, I bring another short comic strip to you again. I have been enjoying doing these very small comics a lot.  Waht prompted me to do them was watching th web show “Strip Search” where they created a comic strip in an hour and a half.  This got me to thinking of trying to give insit into the Rander world through mini strips, but not spend a lot of time on them.  So please enjoy, and see you next week!

barscene 3