Walking Dead Sketch Cover Redux

So Walking Dead 115 came out with a blank cover.  And I just can’t resist putting some art on it!  So here is Rick fighting a random zombie.  I tried to make it gross with blood and stuff coming out of the mouth!  As per usual, it was done with Copic Pens and Markers. Happy Halloween!

walkingdead 115

Monster Monday 5

Week 5 in my Monster Monday celebration for Halloween!  This week I give you the elusive Sasquatch!  I am infatuated with the Sasquatch or Bigfoot.  If I had to bet, there isn’t one out there, but I would love to be surprised!  Sometimes I think that unsolved conspiracies are more fun than if they were found to be true!  But regardless, you can find this piece in my Monsters Monsters Monsters artbook available in my store up there^^^.


Stocktober Week 5 • Sorority House Massacre 2

Tony Sedani back for my final entry into the month of October’s Stock•Tober Horror themed art!  It has gone by far too fast.  And up next I give you my 5th Slasherific Film.  Sorority House Massacre 2.  Now, this movie is the epitome of cheesy 80’s horror flicks.  You have women getting nude for no reason at all, terrible blood effects, strange plot points, and god awful music.

My favorite part of this movie is the character I drew here, Orville Ketchum. He is the strange neighbor that is the red herring of the film.  He actually is there to help and he get’s put through the ringer, but just WONT DIE!  I can’t explain why this is so funny to me, but maybe you have to experience it for yourself. But good luck, because it is a hard film to track down.

So, I close this year out, and look forward to returning next year where I may put another spin on my entries. Happy Halloween!


Stocktober Week 4 • Chopping Mall

Tony Sedani here for my 4th entry in the terrifying Stocktober month long celebration of scary stuff!  You may have heard of Chopping Mall.  One of those instances where the cover art of the VHS is badass, and the movie doesn’t really live up to it.  The cover has a shopping bag with body parts coming out of it.  From that, you assume that there may be a killer chopping people up in the mall, well there ain’t no chopping. In fact, there isn’t really a “killer” per-say.  Robots!  Childish looking robots straight out of Lost in Space.  This is the state of the art modern mall security. After lightning strikes the mall, and screw up the computer system, the robots are out for blood! Done as per usual with copic sketch markers!  


Sunday in Rander • Episode 42

Here is something that I haven’t shared on the blog here yet.  It is the screenprinted print from my Kickstarter campaign back in April of 2013.  If you donated to the kickstarter then you already have this.  I’m pretty happy with the way it came out.  I actually have 20 prints left and going to include it with a kickstarter reward on an anthology book kickstarter that will be launching within the next few days.  I have a 4 page illustrated story with writer Mick Schubert.  Once it is live, I will be sharing it for sure!


Stocktober Week 3 • Scream

I don’t care what anyone says, Scream is a great flick!  There is nothing like a movie that has you guessing till the end of “Whodunnit” .  I loved all of the refrences to other slasher movies, I loved the gore,  I loved the simple design of Ghostface, I loved Henry Winkler!  The sequals all sucked, but nothing can touch how intense it was watching this for the first time.  So that is why I chose to portray Ghostface with my copic sketch markers.  See you next week!

~Tony Sedani


New York Comic Con

I am off to New York Comic Con to

1. Comics

2. Visit my favorite artists in the biz.

3. Visit some friends I have made over the internets.

4. See all the new stuff that is coming out that I can’t afford to buy

5. Give out Return to Rander Issue #1 to people who are cool

See you on the flip side, and I will post a haul pic when I can!

Here is a new self portrait of myself, so if you see me at the con, say hi!


Stocktober Week 2 • Nailgun Massacre

Next up on my Slasher Flick frenzy is “Nailgun Massacre”.  This movie is a cheesy 80’s gore and nudity gem.  I discovered this movie when I was perusing a local video store that was closing about 15 years ago, and picked up the VHS for just 5 bucks! Since then, it is one of my go to examples of why the 80s were a marvelous time.  Here I portrayed the villain dressed in all leather with a motorcycle helmet.  Nailgun and all, he reins terror on all who want to party and have a good time.

~Tony Sedani


Sunday in Rander • Episode 41

So, Issue 2 is done, I have started writing Issue 3, and the art won’t be started until around December.  So this week I am going to share with you my booth setup from Granite State Comic Con.  It was my favorite setup that I have had yet.  I feel that everytime you do a convention you learn something new to change or get rid of or add.  It’s all a learning process.  Also, if you are in the area of New England Comics, they will be carrying Return to Rander #2 this Wednesday!


Stocktober Week 1 • Sleepaway Camp

Again, during halloween, I have been invited by the boys at stockpile comics to contribute my art to “STOCKTOBER”.  A month long event of halloween/horror themed pieces of artwork.  Follow the fun at http://www.stockpilecomics.tumblr.com.  This year, I have decided to base all of my posts on “Slasher Flicks”.  And I figured I would come right out the gate with something shocking! If you haven’t seen Sleepaway camp, then Spoiler Heavy.  If you have seen it, then you know how disturbing this scene was.  I wanted to exaggerate the mouth especially as it always gave me the chills when I saw the scene!  See you next week with another slasherific post.