Stocktober Week 5 • Sorority House Massacre 2

Tony Sedani back for my final entry into the month of October’s Stock•Tober Horror themed art!  It has gone by far too fast.  And up next I give you my 5th Slasherific Film.  Sorority House Massacre 2.  Now, this movie is the epitome of cheesy 80’s horror flicks.  You have women getting nude for no reason at all, terrible blood effects, strange plot points, and god awful music.

My favorite part of this movie is the character I drew here, Orville Ketchum. He is the strange neighbor that is the red herring of the film.  He actually is there to help and he get’s put through the ringer, but just WONT DIE!  I can’t explain why this is so funny to me, but maybe you have to experience it for yourself. But good luck, because it is a hard film to track down.

So, I close this year out, and look forward to returning next year where I may put another spin on my entries. Happy Halloween!


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