Thy Will Be Done Comic

Thy Will Be Done Page 1

Happy New Year!  I have been MIA for a month now, and there are reasons.

1. I bought a new house!  And with that, came lots of moving and lots of packing and unpacking.  I finally have my new studio set up, and back to work.

2. Is I had a vacation where I couldn’t really work on much art.

3. I have been secretly working on Return to Rander Issue #3 and have a really tight deadline of May 5th to debut it!

Well here is a page from the comic anthology entitled “Memoirs of the Mysterious”  This is the from the short story “Thy Will Be Done” Written by Mick Schubert.  I decided to keep the text off so that you have to go buy the comic to know what’s going on.  I will continue to post the rest of the pages over the next month or two.

Also, look to see Sundays in Rander start back up this week, and also a few other projects I am working on!  Here’s to 2014 being a creative year!


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