The Whizzer • Redesign

So, Mr. Kansas decided he had to see “The Whizzer” redesigned.  I did some research on this obscurity, and found that he is basically just a really really fast runner like The Flash, but creates cyclones and wahtnot.  The best part about his origin is that he got these powers after being injeected with Mongoose blood. Yes Mongoose blood.

I realized that I can’t give that “real world” spin on The Whizzer, that is impossible.  So i decided to spruce his look up a bit.  Give him a new color combination, and hell give him a mustache.  I worked the design of the new simple suit to have a built in W that hopefully isn’t too annoying and obvious.  I gave him  some specialty boots that can help with the running around. Also, his skin tone has been darkened compared to his cracker white skin before. But lets be honest, the mustache is what’s winning here.

The Whizzer redesign


2 thoughts on “The Whizzer • Redesign

  1. Tomy, Ceck your anatomic Technology. When you walk or run your arms and leg move oposite . you would lose your balance if the arm and leg on the same side move in the same direction. Hope this was helpful. Shaw. Keepingg the dream alive.

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