Bane • Redesign

Back to it again, another redesign.  This week Joe Dax decided to request a redesign of the Batman villain “BANE”.

Bane Redesign

Well, I decided to go off the beaten path with this redesign.  I thought about what Bane was all about.  He is a very intellectual, very strong and very greedy.  He has a personality that requires him to be best. Also, there is the venom that jacks him up. Well, it’s 2014, pills are in.  Bane just stores his pills in his teddy bear Osito that he has had since prison (true story). I did away with the big bulky easy to rip out tubes that jack him up.  So yeah, basically it’s like he’s addicted to cocaine. As for his attire,  I don’t know if it is because I recently saw The Wolf of Wallstreet, or because I want to see a big man fighting in dress clothes, but I really think someone with these characteristics would dress the best he can. Kind of like the Kingpin.  The vest kind of represents his singlet he used to have.  I left the mask, and made it more luchador like since he won’t need the mouthpiece.  I modeled the torso from Arnold Schwarzenegger to give him a big chest as well.  I don’t know if you dig this kind of Bane, but at least check out the sketch that I have of him smashing stuff with his suit ripped to shreds.  Ya dig?

bane sketch

~Tony Sedani

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