Sunday in Rander • 50th Edition

Welcome to the 50th Sunday in Rander post!  It feels like yesterday that I started doing these posts.  Well, I wanted to share something special, so here is the black and white artwork for Issue #3, coming soon to a comic store probably not near you.

As you can see, Blane is on the cover of this issue.  I wanted to make something simple and reminiscent of desperado.  The very talented Jesse Munoz will be doing colors for it, so once that is done, I will share.  Till next time, take care!

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Wolverine • Redesign

So to wrap things up on the redesign project with the stock pile crew, I have redesigned a character of my choosing.  After messing with the colors for the Whizzer, I really liked them, and wanted to test them out on a new simple costume for Wolverine.  Not much to say otherwise, I made him short and burly, and got rid of any kind of belt.  Removed his gloves, and exposed his arms.  Why?  Because I needed to make an X out of his overall design.  fashion over function bub!  Peace!

wolvie redesign

Digital Dog Soup Podcast

Hey all, I wanted to let you know that my buddies Joel Lolar Joe Daxberger and myself have started a comic book themed podcast!  It’s free to listen to and you can find it on itunes.  HERE!
We have reoccurring segments, comic reviews, movie news, and special guests!  Please take a listen and share with your friends and enemies!



Dr. Doom • Redesign

Tony Sedani back again for another redesign.  Jesse Munoz, so casually requested me to redesign Dr. Doom.  Oh that sounds easy!  Wait, what!?  The Kirby creation of Doom!  It’s impossible.  Kirby is  King of Comics, how can I even attempt?  Well I did.  I personally think that Dr. Doom is one of those characters who’s look is so damn iconic that it’s hard to improve on it.  I took this challenge as if someone asked me to design a character with his characteristics.  I felt I needed to take away the mask to set myself apart.  I wanted a terminator look part machine part man. Obsessed with his look, he goes to far into trying to fix himself that he becomes a horrific monster.  I left the classic green cape to tie it to classic Doom. I wanted to keep my doom scary looking, you could drape his face in shadows alot and have the red eye glowing through.



Omega Red • Redesign

Even on my birthday, I still don’t stop making art.  So I was given the tough job of redesigning Omega Red by Joel Lolar. Because he picked my name out of a hat!  Well, I wasn’t too sure how to tackle a Jim Lee 90’s era designed character.  They are so over the top in their designs back then, that I went in a new direction of simplicity.  Omega Red is essentially a zombie turned killing machine. I gave him a Russian influenced coat, boots, and headband. I decided to make his adamantium tentacles come from his palms, as I feel that gives more accuracy when ejecting them.  Yes, they do have lubrication or they would sound terrible when flailing all around. I removed Omega Red’s nose, as that is one of the first things to decay when you die.  The real feeling of my redesign is best seen in the small illustration of him standing with the tentacle peeking out from the big coat.  I thought he would be way more threatening this way.   I had to keep his blonde hair, but decided to make it dread-lock style, but surgically attached to keep his head skin together, as you can see it coming under the head as well.

So, hopefully the big coat idea is well received, as I feel like too many times villains just get super muscular bodies with spandex. Here’s to jackets and coats of all kinds!


omega sketches