My 50 Favorite Flicks • #24

Another animated movie will squeeze in at #24, on the downturn of the entire list…

Cowboy Bebop: Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door (2001)
I am happy to have a spot for my all-time favorite Anime series, and possibly tv series in general, Cowboy Bebop.  I need to thank my buddy Joel for insisting that I watch the first five episodes to give it a try.  Well, once I got past the first episode, I knew this show was for me! This series has so much going for it.  Heart is the word that I would use.  A lot of anime seems to feel lifeless, but Bebop has heart and soul.  So, please do as Joel instructed me, and go watch the first five episodes and give it a try.  Now on to the movie.  The movie is just another day in the life of the Bebop crew. It feels like a movie, and the stakes are really high this time around.  It takes place in the midst of the series, and still gives me hope that they could make another film. I depicted one of my favorite scenes in the film, and that is with Ein the Welch Corgi wearing a jacklantern mask! Most people would have done a Spike drawing, but not me. I have fond memories of seeing this in the theatre when it debuted in the US in Cambridge.  Bebop for life!

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