Sunday in Rander • 67th Edition

This week on Sunday in Rander, I was inspired by Steve Jackson’s Munchkin game.  My buddies and I are in board game full swing, and recently I picked up Munchkin.  I fell in love with it, and guess what, it came with some blank cards.  Immediately I wanted to make my characters. But being the nit picker I am, I had to have them look like they belonged in the deck with the rest of the cards. What I did was draw the characters in the same style as the art of Munchkin, and then designed the card, printed it on label stock and placed it right into the empty space of the blank card.  I’m pretty excited to possibly open a door and find The Matador waiting for me! If you want these characters in your game, shoot me a message. Next up is getting a high level Man-Gull card!



My 50 Favorite Flicks • #28

A movie that I wore out the VHS copy of as a child is my #28 pick…

Ghostbusters (1984)

Well, you would think a movie I wore the VHS copy out of would be closer to #1 on my list right?  I love Ghostbusters, it is an all time favorite of mine!  But there are just 27 movies that I like more!  Ghostbusters was such a great idea, using the toungue in cheek half seriousness mixed with the harsh consequences that the plot takes really gives us a fun ride.  Bill Murray is my favorite part of this movie in the end.  His one liners are genius.  Some of my favorites are… “Back off man, I’m a scientist”, “[tickling piano keys] They hate this. I like to torture them”, “No, we’re exterminators someone saw a cockroach up on twelve…. “Bite your head off, man” ,

My 50 Favorite Flicks • #29

Another comic book movies graces my list coming in at #29…

The Dark Knight (2008)
So we have heard it all, Heath Ledger’s performance, the Heat inspired theme, the realistic take Nolan gave.  This is all true, and yes overused.  This is just plain and simple a great movie.  It looks amazing visually, it represents the characters from the comics correctly, it doesn’t have to deal with any origin story.  This is a truly amazing sequel.  I could obviously nit-pick it, but overall the best Batman film for you time.

My 50 Favorite Flicks • #30

#30 pick brings us the comic book movies to end all comic book movies….

The Avengers (2012)
This was really hard to draw four faces just about an inch tall, but you get the idea! I wanted to do a split up grid because it represents bringing these 4 established characters films together in one.  What else is there to say?  Marvel just did it right. I can’t wait for the sequal.

My 50 Favorite Flicks • #31

Coming in at #31 is a pressense in film that is God-like…

Godzilla (1954)
Ok, this is going to be the only time on this list that I have a film represent more than one film.  A lot of people like to log the entire Star Wars or Back to the Future Trilogy as 1 spot, but me, I don’t do that.  However, with Godzilla, I have to use the original film to represent the greatness and vast catalogue he has in cinema.  So as classic and great as the original 1954 masterpiece is, I want to represent all the rest of the greats such as Mothra vs Godzilla, Godzilla vs Destroyah, Terror of Mechagodzilla, Destroy all Monsters, Godzilla Vs King Ghidorah and even the new Godzilla (2014). He is a character that is very important to me, and as much as I love these films, I log them in the #31 spot because they aren’t technically top notch.  I wish there were a way to type Godzilla’s roar…