Sunday in Rander • 74th Edition

We are closing in on 75 editions of Sunday in Rander!  This week I bring you a panel from issue 4. It is graytoned and ready to go!  Will our savior make it to the sea ship in hopes of finding Rander?  You will have to buy issue 4 to find out.

Next week I premier the cover to issue #4, so check back!

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My 50 Favorite Flicks • #16

Get your ass to Mars!  The #16 movie on my list comes all the way from Mars…

Total Recall (1990)
Something is missing from movies nowadays.  And that something is what Paul Verhoeven used to be able to capture in his 80’s flicks. I have seen Total Recall so many times, that it gives me comforting feeling when watching it.  It brings me back to little Tony watching this when he was way too young on HBO.  You know a movie is great when I was literally at a crossroads when deciding what picture would best represent this movie. I was stuck between depicting the image above when he removes the tracker through his nose, The three breasted hooker, the dream sequence in mars when Quaid’s face is exploding, Quaid in the fat woman disguise or Quaid in the Rekall machine. I love the over the top violence, the general evilness of the villain, and Arnold gives us a memorable performance with lots of one liners to quote. I love you Total Recall.

Sunday in Rander • 73rd Edition

So, with the excitement surrounding my life right now, with the arrival of my daughter, I had to schedule these posts in advanced. So I am coming to you from “THE PAST”!  Yes, I wonder what life is like 2 weeks in the future, did you guys perfect the flying car yet?  Well lets hope so!  Anyway, here is a lil’ panel from Return to Rander issue #4.  I don’t think Blane is getting out of this issue unscathed and lucky like the last issue, but you will have to read to find out.  As you can see I am in the horrible tedious process of graytoning pages. Pray for me.  See you next week with something new!

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My 50 Favorite Flicks • #17

A zombie movie finally makes the list in the top 20…

Shaun of the Dead (2004)

I remember going to the theatre to see this film, and thinking it was going to be a fun pointless parody of zombie movies. And as most of you know, I was dead wrong!  Shaun of the Dead is just as much as dramatic friendship/relationship film. It has heart and soul, mixed with lots of blood and guts.  This is also my favorite zombie movie, as it doesn’t hold back when things get rough.I love that Edgar Wright used practical effects in this as well. At the time, Wright’s directorial style was so new and fresh that it stood out from everything going on at the time.  Hot Fuzz and The World’s End are also very enjoyable to me, but they can’t touch Shaun.

My 50 Favorite Flicks • #18

Michael Myers, no not the Shrek one, the other one!

Halloween (1979)
Let’s talk about scary, creepy, suspenseful, horror.  John Carpenter sure knows how to make you squirm, and Halloween does it in various ways.  I have been a super fan of Halloween for a long time now, and the simplicity of the Michael Myers character  mixed with no explanation as to why he is on a murderous rampage makes it a quite down to earth horror flick. Later sequels will draw ties to other characters giving him a motive, and making him an unstoppable monster.  But if you stick with just the original movie, you won’t be disappointed.  And maaaaaybe you can throw H20 in there as a true sequel to the original!

Sunday in Rander • 72nd Edition

So, last week was Boston Comic Con 2014!  I decided to dedicate this edition to a recap. I sold quite a few Return to Rander issues, met some new fans and old fans alike!  Once again I shared space with Joe Daxberger, Joel Lolar, Rian Miller and Brian Weiner.  I was able to sell some sketchbooks and do some custom sketches on the inside cover which is always a blast.  I also tried something new and started whipping out fun TMNT sketches and people were buying them up faster than I could draw them.  I also was able to do a Iron Fist Sketch cover for a commission, and picked up a lot of cool new goodies for myself with my earnings. All and all it was a memorable experience and contrasted itself with last years quite nicely.  I can’t wait for 2015’s BCC as it’s going to be even bigger and badder!  Please take a look at the group of photos from the weekend.  Till next week!

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My 50 Favorite Flicks • #19

Here’s lookin’ at you #19…

Casablanca (1942)
Yes.  Casablanca is one of the classics. Yes, it is one of my favorite films ever!  Even with the build up this film comes with, it still manages to impress me every time I watch it.  Trivia fact, my wife and I try to watch this on every Valentine’s Day.  And on a few occasions we will see it at the Brattle Theatre when they get themselves a print.  I was introduced to this film in college and have grown to build appreciation for everything it does. It isn’t your typical happy ending love store, quite the opposite.  And with an setting of World War II it gives the story a real seriousness in the decisions Rick makes.  See it, and see it again.