Sunday in Rander • 76th Edition

I got something different to share this week on Sunday in Rander.  I decided to finally make the map of the five points that I had a sketch of for years now.  The reason it took so long is simple, I couldn’t think of names to name all of the villages and towns around the major five points. I always envisioned that I could tell many short fun stories taking place in many of these small towns that have personalities of themselves. I really want to tell a story taking place in Red Edge, I have a few cool ideas!  As you can see the first four issues of Rander only take place in a very small portion of the whole map.  And of course, this map doesn’t show Rander. As the story continues, I can make more maps of the areas that our savior travels to. So I am thinking that this map will be a free giveaway with the first 50 issues sold of Issue #4!  So if you want one, make sure to order on day 1 on Halloween!



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