Sunday in Rander • 78th Edition

Thanks for stopping by the blog everyone! I am going to be lazy this week, as I am going to see Coheed and Cambria tonight!  So I am letting you all know this week that issue #4 is done! It’s off to the printers, off to comixology. And here is an image to prove it!  Too bad it is in low resolution or else you would be able to read it.  Looks like you will just have to wait for a month! Thanks for stopping by Rander fans!

issue 4 screenshot

1 thought on “Sunday in Rander • 78th Edition

  1. Tony, How are Isabella, Chelsea and you? I was wondering what the cost of printing my cartoons in book form would be? Who  would I contact and how? Would I need an agent? I think it might be something I would like to do.THANKS!!!! Shaw Still trying to keep the dream alive

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