Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween all! Halloween is one of my favorite days of the year! I always love throwing on a mask and being creative with costumes. So this is the final Scary piece of art for October! With the stockpile crew, we did a jam piece created, layed out and colored by Jesse Munoz. I did “The Thing” here’s my original inks and the finished piece.
The Thing-SEDANI


The Walking Dead • Michonne

Halloween is just a day away! I am excited to get my costume on and hand out candy in my new neighborhood! For Halloween, here is a Walking Dead piece of art.  Everyone’s favorite samurai sword wielding, zombie beheading badass, Michonne! Done with pen and ink, and then colored digitally.



Stocktober 3-D! Fully Colored Slashers!

Hey all, I decided to color the 4 slashers in!  They are all on the same artboard and I colored them with Copic Sketch markers. Thanks for following along all month with me as I had a blast!


If you are interested in owning this 11 x 17″ original piece of art, send me a message.



Stocktober 3-D! Chucky

Tony Sedani giving you 1 more slasher!  Yeah it is tongue in cheek. Yeah it’s corny. But the original Child’s Play was creepy as shit! The good guy doll’s similar appearance to “My Buddy” was all too much.  I wouldn’t say Chucky is as badass and legendary as the previous 4 in my list, but god damn it if I was gonna draw ghostface before Chucky. I still dig the original flick, but the sequels all became parodies of it. I did see the newest one from last year, and it had potential but ended up not delivering in the last act.


My 50 Favorite Flicks • #1

I’m trying real hard to be the shepard… It’s the Number One movie on my top 50 list!

Pulp Fiction (1994)
My favorite movie, Quentin Tarantino’s opus.  He struck gold in his sophomore effort if you ask me.  I don’t need to defend why this is my favorite movie, if you have seen it then you know why. Quentin brought us a fresh take on storytelling, that now yes has been exhausted, but at the time doing  out of order sequences that let us know what we needed to at the time was brilliant.  It’s fun to go back and figure out what came before what, and find plot threads between all of the stories going on.  I also loved how he opened each chapter with a title, making each sequence feel like it’s own short story.  The characters of Jules, Vincent, Butch, Mia, Marsellus, Ringo and The WOLF were all just brilliant and well performed.  It would be very hard for me to pick my favorite sequence in this film, but I would probably have to say the final scene in the diner which I depicted here in my sketch. Where a bad guy crosses another bad guy.  The dialogue in this scene is just so tangible I could touch it.  Seeing a BMF take a righteous path over killing him is such a great direction that you don’t expect.

So yes, Pulp Fiction, I have seen this movie about 100 times, and I will never tire of it. I have had it in my collection since 1996 on VHS and it always will be.

Thanks for going on this countdown from #50 to #1, I’m Casey Cas- I mean, I’m Tony Sedani, see you next time when I countdown my top 10 TV SHOWS!


Sunday in Rander • 82nd Edition

Hey everyone! Welcome to another Rander filled week! Issue 4 is now available in my online store at http://www.sedani.storenvy.com at New England Comics on comixology.com and will be available at Rhode Island Comic Con this coming weekend! The reception has been good on issue #4, and people are already asking for issue 5. I am going to take a little break to write and work on a collected book of Return to Rander and come back in 2015 with some new stuff. As for new stuff this week, I wanted to share with you an awesome piece of physical fan art of The Lone Savior from Return to Rander! Done with Perler Beads by Glenn a fellow gamer at NEC. He is very talented with these pieces he does. Follow his creations over on twitter @callowbrodie.

Please come by my booth at Rhode Island Con in Providence this weekend, I will have issues for sale, art for sale, prints for sale. Take care!


My 50 Favorite Flicks • #2


Clerks. (1994)
Yes, my second favorite movie is clerks.  Go ahead say what you will, but this movie has heart and soul behind it.  It has a voice, a true voice that I was on the same level as.  I first saw this movie very young in 1996 when my friend Pete borrowed a copy from his brother. This may have increased my vulgar vocabulary by years in advance, but we loved it.  As I got older, I related to things in it that were going on with me.  Dealing with annoying customers, girlfriends, people not having common sense.  This movie pulls no punches in calling out all the jackesses that piss us off on a daily basis.  I liked parts of clerks 2, but felt it was missing that hard edge that made this one so real and fresh.  I do however look forward to clerks 3 and seeing all these great characters come back.