My 50 Favorite Flicks • #8

The whole bloody affair…

Kill Bill V1 & V2 (2003,2004)
Ok so I lied, this will be the only time 1 spot will fill multiple films. I don’t feel bad doing it as it was supposed to be one film and he had to split them up.  I am actually happy they are split up, as they have much different tones associated with them.

Who thought Quentin’s films could get better than his first few entrees?  When this 4th film by Tarantino hit the screen, it was just all bets are off.  I definitely got the feeling that he did whatever he wanted to do.  I just love the simple premise of revenge, and making a list of all the people she is going to kill. And then we get added plot threads that run throughout the two films that add depth to the characters and situations. My favorite thing is that the final battle isn’t even a battle, but a harsh conversation between two ex lovers.

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