My 50 Favorite Flicks • #7

Alright Alright Aliriiiight… number 7…

Dazed and Confused (1993)
I was only about 12 when I first saw Dazed and Confused.  My friend Peter had a copy from his brother, and we would watch this every weekend that I visited. We yearned to be growing up in the 70’s as depicted in this film.  The cars, the clothes, THE MUSIC.  We liked this film so much, we constantly quoted it, and even made a fan film that mimicked all of our favorite scenes.  This film has so much nostalgia for me that sometimes I think I actually lived the scenes.  Dazed features some of our biggest stars right now like Ben Affleck and Matthew Mcconaughey. I also love that the whole film takes place within just one day.  Check it out if you haven’t!

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