Sunday in Rander • 86th Edition

We all love long weekends, especially over here in Rander!  I have something special to share this Thanksgiving Weekend.  I am truly thankful for all of the support that I have gotten for my book from my direct friends, family and fans.  And with this feeling comes excitement as I go forth and start Chapter 2 of Rander. This is totally out of left field as I didn’t plan to share anything from the sequel until 2015. I have decided to pencil the first 7 pages of RR2 as they aren’t going to be changed at all based on the rest of the script. So I am sharing some sketches of Page 1!  Have at it!

Happy Thanksgiving all! And today is the last day to use code BLACKFRIDAY in my online store for 25% OFF everything!




Arts for Hearts Recap!

So last night was the 6th annual Arts for Hearts!  It was a great time over at Ned Devine’s as always.  The boys of Tall Boy really put on a great event. The most important thing is that it is for a great cause going toward AHA.  I donated a piece of art, second in my series of heart themed pieces. This one was titled “heart of the people”.

Joe Daxberger also had a badass peice titled “Queen of Hearts III”

Here is a pic of us next to our respected pieces.



There were lots of raffles and prizes to win at the event, in fact my wife won the top prize for the second year in a row! A 5 course meal at the top of the hub!  YUM!

Also, the hair cuttery “SHAG” was there yet again, donating hair cuts and spreading their awesome brand.  I had to indulge myself and get a fresh cut courtesy of Trish.


I thank Joe Dax for introducing me to this show years ago, and the boys at Tall Boy for always putting on such a fun event that raises a lot of money for a great cause!  I always intend to support it.  Till next year folks…





Sunday in Rander • 85th Edition

It’s Sunday, and it’s Rander! For those of you who have read issues 1-4, guess what, there is a sequel coming! For those of you who haven’t read 1-4, don’t mind that just go take advantage of the sale in my store at Yes, currently I am writing a script for the sequel, and boy is it making me excited to start drawing it. I probably won’t touch down onto a page until a good ways into 2015 as I want to make sure the entire story arch is written, and my characters are designed.

So since I don’t have much to share in ways of visuals, here is a character from back in the day. His name was Tobias. He was a turtle. Yeah, there were talking turtles in Return to Rander at one point. But don’t bet that you won’t see him show up again! Actually it’s a good bet. Till next week folks…