Sunday in Rander • 85th Edition

It’s Sunday, and it’s Rander! For those of you who have read issues 1-4, guess what, there is a sequel coming! For those of you who haven’t read 1-4, don’t mind that just go take advantage of the sale in my store at Yes, currently I am writing a script for the sequel, and boy is it making me excited to start drawing it. I probably won’t touch down onto a page until a good ways into 2015 as I want to make sure the entire story arch is written, and my characters are designed.

So since I don’t have much to share in ways of visuals, here is a character from back in the day. His name was Tobias. He was a turtle. Yeah, there were talking turtles in Return to Rander at one point. But don’t bet that you won’t see him show up again! Actually it’s a good bet. Till next week folks…

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