Sunday in Rander • 83rd Edition

A late Sunday in Rander this November 9th! Last week was Rhode Island Comic Con. To keep it short and sweet, I would say I had a blast.  I was amazed at how many people took a chance on my book and bought the entire 4 issue collection.  I also decided to sell more original art than normal, and that seemed to sell decently as well.  I have one final show this year, and it is the Northeast Comic Con in Wilmington on December 6 and 7.  I plan to sell my books extremely cheap to hopefuly end the year with lots of books in lots of hands.


Not much new stuff to share as of late, since I have finished issue 4 and getting that into people’s hands. I do have something on the horizon that I plan on sharing very soon!  Until then I may post some old school stuff that I haven’t shared just yet.

SO here is a piece I did of our savior when I decided to take a more cartoony look.  More fantasy elements were present in the script a the time, however, the basis for the first few issues were still derived from those original scripts. Thanks for stoping by this Sunday Night, see you next week!




A pinup for my buddy Jim Wahl’s comic Soulbinder.   It’s a detective story with supernatural elements. Kind of a The Crow meets Se7en.  It is available now at New England Comics so check it out!