Donatello Turtle Dude

He uses a stick!  Buy some turtle sketches at my store!


Sunday in Rander • 90th Edition

90 Episodes in, and I have some cool news before the end of the year!

Return to Rander Volume 1 Graphic Novel is coming soon!

The Graphic Novel will weigh in at a hefty 220 pages, 6 x 9″ and feature the entire 4 issues of Return to Rander, 12 mini strips, Passing Through short story, a 6 page epilogue, bonus content of old material, new material, as well as a big pinup gallery filled with awesome new art!

I am sharing the inks for the cover this week below! I am currently hard at work on refining stuff, redrawing older panels, and collecting content.  A projected release date is February 2015!

I am planning a few special things for the release.  So have a great end of 2014, and we’ll see you in 2015!


Sunday in Rander • 89th Edition

Merry Christmas! This week in Rander, our Lone Savior wants to bring all the children of Krool a little something to cheer them up from the horrible world they live in.  I wish all of you Rander fans a Happy Holiday, whatever you celebrate, and if you celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas!  Enjoy this coming week and take it easy, we have a new year to tackle with all new challenges and adventures.  Till next week!