Sunday in Rander • 88th Edition

Welcome to the 88th edition of Sunday in Rander! It’s sunday and here’s some Rander!

My buddy Joe Badon I collaborated with on a project “Memoirs of the Mysterious” many of you may be familliar with is currently running an awesome Kickstarter!  It’s titled “Terra Kaiju” and has an awesome Samurai influence to it. It’s the story of a young samurai who sacrifices his life to awaken the local god so that his village may be saved. I am such a fan of Joe’s style that I cannot reccomend it enough!

Now to tie this to a Sunday in Rander is by letting you all know that Joe has been kind enough to include a Return to Rander pledge level!  One of his top tiers will get you a badass Matador print that Joe has made himself!  I have attached the art below.  So go check out this awesome new book and support indie comics!



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