Sunday in Rander • 93rd Edition

This week on Sunday in Rander I am sharing another glorious pinup that will be included in the forthecoming Graphic Novel of “The Lone Savior”. Your friend and mine, K. Rian Miller II has “Drew Struzan’d the hell out of a badass pinup that really encapsulates the entire first story!  This pinup is a 2 page spread, so if you wanna see it in glorious detail, pick up a copy of the book very soon!

Check out what Rian Miller is doing over at and his art or else blog with Joe Dax at

If you are all good little Randerteers, next week I will share Joe Dax’s latest pinup for the book!

K RIan rander_full_400

Sunday in Rander • 92nd Edition

Hey Rander fans!  This week I wanted to share a lil sneak peak at Return to Rander 2! The sequel!  Well, what better time to put it out there so that it can get my butt moving on it!  The sequel will be another 5 chapter arch titled Return to Rander The Blood Isle.  You may get some incite into what it’s all about from reading the epilogue in the Return to Rander Volume 1 coming soon!

I share with you the LOGO to the new book!


Sunday in Rander • 91st Edition

Welcome to the first Return to Rander post of 2015!  I have a feeling it is going ot be a great year! It seems like yesteday that I saw Back to the Future Part ll and thought that 2015 seemed like the very very distant future that would never be reached. Yet, here we are!

This week I wanted to share a badass pinup that will be included in the previously mentioned Volume 1 collection of Return to Rander. This is just the inks of the pinup, if you want to see the finished piece, you’ll have to buy the book! Ha, salesmanship! The piece is from my buddy Ian Nichols, and you can see his amazing work at

Thanks Ian for an amazing piece! And look for issue 1 of his comic “Hellena” coming out very soon!