Sunday in Rander • 104th Edition

It’s coming…

A new short story is currently in production. The title is “The Red Edge Ghost”.  It will be the same format as “Passing Through” released in 2013.  I may print a small run of these for upcoming conventions if I get enough thumbs up! Until next week, I leave you with the cover to the mini comic…

rededge ghost

Sunday in Rander • 103rd Edition

Welcome back to the world of Return to Rander. All is quite on the Rander front as I continue to chip away at pages of VOLUME 2!  It is going to be a long road to get there, but I will continue to share what I have been doing.  I also plan to share a new mini comic in the coming month, so look for that! I leave you with a random panel from Volume 2. Exciting!