My original art wall 

since I don’t have much new art to share this week I thought I would  share my wall of original art in my studio room. I am very much in awe of the greatness that radiates off the wall into my face as I sit and draw at my desk. From top left to right.  “Batman by Sean Murphy” “Return to Rander sketch cover by my buddies Rian Miller, Jesse Munoz, joe Daxberger and Joel Lolar” “They Live by Kyle Starks” “Cable by Andrew Maclean” “Moon Knight #5 page by Declan Shalvey” “Hellboy head sketch by Mike Mignola” “Blankets sketch by Craig Robinson” “Total Recall by K. Rian Miller ll” “Cable by Nate Bellagarde” “Gard Boiled by Geof Darrow” “Lono by Dave Johnson” 



The Tick Sketch Covers

At Boston Comic Con, New England Comics gave me a handful of sketch covers to keep. Over the weekend I did around 15 covers, I forgot to take pictures of most of them, but here are a few that I did.

FullSizeRender_original FullSizeRender-1 IMG_5711


Star Trek – Planet of the Apes sketch cover

Now a yearly tradition, King Mega Trip has given the four of us at Boston Comic Con a blank cover to all draw. It is always so fun seeing what we all come up with. This year we were very taken aback when he presented this comic.  My first thought was to put the apes in the star trek uniforms, and replace Heston’s character with Shatner and give him the Dirty Apes line… Fun stuff! I can’t wait to see what you challenge us with next year.



Sunday in Rander • 110th Edition

A recent sketch cover of Issue #1 that I did last week.  I still have a dozen of these left. But once they are gone, they are gone for good! has them.

sketch cover 15


Milhouse – Bartkira

A piece I did at Boston Comic Con 2015 for someone. #Bartkira is amazing, so check it out. I have always loved this line that Milhouse has and decided to mix it with the tetsuo arm from Akira.  Fun stuff!

milhouse akira


Cable The Man of the Future

Just a doodle of cable guy.

cable 7