Sunday in Rander • 112th Edition

It’s been a while, but I’ve been hard at work on all kinds of art lately. Between online commissions, doing Rander V2, conventions commissions, as well as Stocktober starting up again and also a new secret project I’ve been working on it’s been keeping my pencil busy.

Last week was Baltimore Comic Con and I was able to bring Return to Rander to Maryland again.  However, this time it wasn’t what most conventions are. I didn’t move as many copies as I had hoped, but with the help of my buddy K Rian Miller, I was able to have copies held at the 3 locations of Beyond Comics! So that is cool, thanks Rian!

Here’s a picture of us manning our booths.  Even though Rander didn’t fly off the table, I was plenty busy selling art, making art, and conversing with some pretty cool people!  Now, to go back to the drawing table!


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