Donatello Sketch

Just doodling before I fly out to Maryland for SPX tomorrow!  If you are in the Maryland area, check out the Small Press Expo in Bethesda Maryland this weekend at the Marriot Hotel.  See you there!

donatello sketch

Walking Dead Sketch Cover

Hey all, I am sure many of you know that Boston Comic Con was postponed.  Fortunately, I was able to hang out with some of my favorite and talented friends.  During this extra free time, I made this sketch cover of Walking Dead #109.  Contact me if you are interested in purchasing.

wd sketch cover

Cable & X-Force #1 Sketch cover by ME!

Yet again, i bought the sketch cover variant of the new Marvel Now book Cable & X-Force #1.   I decided to draw the new design of Cable ::cough(Solidus)cough::

I used the usual Copic toolkit of pens brushes and markers to put this together.  Hope you enjoy!

detail IMG_1867 IMG_1869 photo


Tony Sedani here again and like 99.9% of the comic world, I loved Avengers, and it is definetly in my top 5 movies of 2012. I think my favorite part was our Big green friend. I loved the last HULK movie, and I thought this one built off of what they were doing and refined him perfectly. The look is perfect, the humor was perfect, and his smashing was perfect. So for this card, I decided to just do an extreme close up. It was penclied, inked and colored traditionally with all my favorite copic pens and markers. I wanted to get him smirking like he does in the movie, but I couldn’t find a reference clip of it, so i tried to make a head on view of him smirking. And of course, I can’t wait till Avengers 2!



Next up on some of my favorite films of 2012 was DREDD.  I am pretty sure it will make my list for top 10 of 2012. But for all it’s worth, this film was the one that blew away my expectations.  I wasn’t thrilled to see this, but decided to give it a shot.  I liked how it really kept the storyline simple, and focused more on the action, and characters.  A few twists and turns and lots of blood later, and i was leaving the theatre wanting more!  It hooked me so much that I am buying the monthly IDW Dredd book now.

As for the sketch, I penciled and inked traditional, and colored digitally.  The perspective is off a bit, but I think we get the point.

~Tony Sedani


Marlee • Novembrrr

My first Forever winter sketch for Novembrrr is Marlee. I did a backup story for Joel’s book a few years back and involved this character Marlee.  He is heir to an organzied crime syndicate.  When I first thougt about him, I just pictured a no good whiny brat that got everything handed to him.  But then you start to think about the setting.  The type of world it is.  It doesn’t really seem like a world where people get spoiled, it’s a dog eat dog world out there.  And Marlee probably just wants to take what is his.  And considering what is going on in the backup story I worked on, I can see Marlee will have some difficult decisions he must think about.  Hence why I drew him in this situation like he is extremly stressed out.  So hopefully this month of Novembrrr will make Joel even more pumped to draw FW2 and we will get it even sooner!  Great job Joel, on creating a great universe of interesting characters.  See you next week!

Frank from Hellraiser • Stock*tober

My last entry for stock*tober and yet another movie that scares the $h!+ out of me is Hellraiser and Hellraiser 2.  Again, like most horror series, the rest of the sequels are very lackluster, if not downright disgraceful.  I saw these movies when i probably shouldn’t have.  I think I was about 10-12 when seeing them both on HBO and they are burned in my brain and make me hope to god that I never encounter the cenobites!  Clive Barker really made you think that Hell was what you saw on this movie (although it is revealed that it isn’t actually hell) .  The torturous designs of the characters as well as the sounds of the chains and those weird pillars spinning.  It gives me chills just typing about it. I couldn’t figure out what character I wanted to do, i actually did a  Pinhead card who is the poster boy for these movies, but the other cenobites are even more gruesome.  But what always freaked me out was Frank.  Frank is a man who is trying to rebuild his body by consuming the blood and organs of poor victims brought into the house and slowly regenerates his own body.  Quite amazing effects for the time, and downright horrifying..  If you haven’t seen these 2 flicks, be warned they are very gory, and definitely have multiple occurrences of peoples skin being removed.  Yuck.  This card was done with copic sketch markers on top of some pen and ink work. I used the color blender to get a wet look. See you next halloween!