LAST DAY cover

In keeping this a secret at the time, I completely forgot to ever post this.  Here is the alternate Kickstarter cover for Jimmy Curtis’ comic LAST DAY!  It deals with a lot of real life problems and has some excellent art and lettering!  This cover was a kickstarter exclusive, but maybe Jimmy has some extras?  Maybe tweet him and find out!  @JimmyMCurtis


Sunday in Rander • 150th Edition

Wow, 150 editions of Sunday in Rander!  Thanks to all who stopped by all those Sundays ago when we started.  This special landmark edition will see the release of the complete edition graphic novel.  It is officially for sale on my online store right now, as well as  Thank you to everyone who helped support me along the way, as well as all the kickstarter backers who helped fund the production of the book.  It’s been a fun 5 years!


Part 2 of the Skin Deep series by Rian Miller and Myself has just arrived from the printers.  Another 40 page issue that is ready to disgust all of you awaits your purchase at Heroes Comic Con in just one week!  It will be for sale online shortly after. Cover done by Rian Miller, colors by Jesse Munoz. Interiors by Tony Sedani.

Sunday in Rander • 144th Edition

BIG NEWS!  Usually I will save big news for landmark number editions, but I couldn’t wait for 150 for this news.  This coming Friday, March 30th, 2018 I will be launching the final Kickstarter campaign for Return to Rander. Exactly 5 years ago I got Issue #1 funded of Return to Rander, and now, I hope we can get the Complete Edition funded.  Here is a trailer for the upcoming book!  Enjoy.

Return to Rander Complete Collection COMING SOON! from Tony Sedani on Vimeo.

Boston Comic Con 2016 Wrap-Up

Hey everyone, I haven’t posted as much as I usually do, I seem to be more active on instagram more so than anything else. This past weekend was Boston Comic Con! This was my 6th consecutive year tabling in artist’s alley. Once again, I had a great time at the show, I got to table with my best buds, Joe Dax, Joel Lolar, Rian Miller and Brian Wiener.  This year Rian and I debuted “Skin Deep” #1. It sold fairly well, we are anxious to hear what people think!  I also debuted Return to Rander The Blood Isle #1. Didn’t sell as much as I wished, but got some returning fans to pick it up.  And of course, I was given the amazing opportunity to be in the Boston Comic Con Tick Issue with a short story I wrote and drew. On Saturday I shared the table signing copies with my buddy Ian Nichols who drew the cover. We did a few jam pieces on the boards of the comics that we sold for people. What a great experience meeting true tick fans with stories of their own about the tick!  I also got to meet some really great creators such as Daniel Warren Johnson, who was very nice and supporting. Ryan Bodenheim also was nice enough to give me the time to take time out of his weekend to have a few conversations about making comics including advice. Thanks Ryan! Knowing that Boston Comic Con is under new ownership,  I look foward to being a part of Boston Comic Con in the future in some form. Please check out the photos below!



Our yearly commissions for King Mega Trip


My Tick Story!


Signing at the Tick Booth with Ian!

Skin Deep – A NEW Comic!

Coming Soon from Stock*Pile Comics:

When William Combs answered the help wanted ad for a laboratory assistant position with the Beauchamp University science department, there were a few things he never expected would happen. He never assumed he’d be chosen for the position, he never imagined he’d fall for a lab technician named Beth Crampton, and he never dreamed that he would help break the laws of time and space. Enter: Doctor Elias Gale, whose theories about inter-dimensional travel are as impressive as they are expensive. Too expensive, in fact, for the short-sighted financiers behind the lab’s funding. With the constraints of time and money suddenly upon them, Will and Dr. Gale decide to take a risk with their research which will either prove to be the biggest breakthrough in modern science or the biggest mistake of their lives.

Stock*Pile Comics proudly presents a new 3-part science fiction/horror series from creators Rian Miller (Man-GullBroken Legacy) and Tony Sedani (Return To Rander).

Cover below, click HERE! to see the small preview!


My original art wall 

since I don’t have much new art to share this week I thought I would  share my wall of original art in my studio room. I am very much in awe of the greatness that radiates off the wall into my face as I sit and draw at my desk. From top left to right.  “Batman by Sean Murphy” “Return to Rander sketch cover by my buddies Rian Miller, Jesse Munoz, joe Daxberger and Joel Lolar” “They Live by Kyle Starks” “Cable by Andrew Maclean” “Moon Knight #5 page by Declan Shalvey” “Hellboy head sketch by Mike Mignola” “Blankets sketch by Craig Robinson” “Total Recall by K. Rian Miller ll” “Cable by Nate Bellagarde” “Gard Boiled by Geof Darrow” “Lono by Dave Johnson” 


Sunday in Rander • 109th Edition

A late Sunday this week. As many of you know Boston Comic Con 2015 happened this past weekend and it was my most successful and enjoyable con I have ever attended. This was the 5th year in a row that I tabled at Boston Comic Con.  I sold a lot of books to new and old readers, got a lot of good feedback, and sold some original art!  I was asked if there was a sequel coming out many times, and assured everyone that I am currently at work on it now. It’s a great feeling when people return to let you know that they enjoyed what they purchased from you.  Thanks again to everyone who took a shot at my book!  Another great thing that happened was having my “Tick” pinup in the Boston Con exclusive comic that came out over the weekend. NEC was kind enough to invite myself as well as Ian Nichols over to the booth for a signing of the issue.  We had fun drawing Tick and Arthur on a line of fan’s covers for them.  What a fun experience that was!  I always have fun tabling with my buddies Joe Dax, Joel Lolar, Rian Miller and B-wise. I also have lots of now friends amongst the creators at the show, John Y, Jennie Wood, Jim Wahl, Matt Bisette, Jim Ghallager, Ian Nichols, Joe Mederios. I also got a chance to take home some amazing artwork of Cable by a few friends, as well as Nate Bellegarde.  The 3 days went by way too fast, so until next year Boston Con…



My Booth setup








The boys are back in town…




Ian and myself at the NEC booth signing, and sketching covers…IMG_5734 IMG_5731

My amazing Cable art I walked away with.IMG_5739


Hey everyone, the people over at “The Tick” comic gave me a great opportunity to showcase a Tick pinup in the one shot Boston Con exclusive issue. There will also be 250 blank sketch covers available at the show!  The show is THIS weekend July 31-Aug 2.

My buddy Ian Nichols ( also has an amazing pinup in the book as well.

If you pick one up, I am available for commission work to draw a custom sketch on the cover.


Arts for Hearts Recap!

So last night was the 6th annual Arts for Hearts!  It was a great time over at Ned Devine’s as always.  The boys of Tall Boy really put on a great event. The most important thing is that it is for a great cause going toward AHA.  I donated a piece of art, second in my series of heart themed pieces. This one was titled “heart of the people”.

Joe Daxberger also had a badass peice titled “Queen of Hearts III”

Here is a pic of us next to our respected pieces.



There were lots of raffles and prizes to win at the event, in fact my wife won the top prize for the second year in a row! A 5 course meal at the top of the hub!  YUM!

Also, the hair cuttery “SHAG” was there yet again, donating hair cuts and spreading their awesome brand.  I had to indulge myself and get a fresh cut courtesy of Trish.


I thank Joe Dax for introducing me to this show years ago, and the boys at Tall Boy for always putting on such a fun event that raises a lot of money for a great cause!  I always intend to support it.  Till next year folks…





New Online Store!

Hey doods, I created a new online store for your perusal. A few things about it…

Part 1- Return to Rander #4 is up for preorder!

Part 2- Return to Rander #1-3 are super cheap right now!

Part 3- Discount code “MATADOR” for an insider discount!

Part 4- I added a new commission option if you want artwork for me!

Check it out at

The End!

Screen shot 2014-10-06 at 1.03.14 PM

New Sketches comin’ soon!

This is my first news post ever on my blog!

I will be a father in August!  With this comes great responsibility and since most of my free time will be devoted to creating Return to Rander 4, I will not be able to do much side art that I post in between Rander stuff.  To remedy this, I am starting to do a sketch blog just like this blog started out being.  I will be doing a new series of quick 30 minute b/w sketches to keep the blog active.  I will debut the series very soon so keep an eye out!


Free Comic Book Day 2014

This year I was invited to Rubber Chicken Comics in Bellingham, Ma. I gave great discounts on Return to Rander issues 1-3! I also was able to share my new sketchbook and draw some fun sketches in the cover! I also did a sketch cover of a Hulk comic! I love seeing the support that the public gives to brick and mortar comic shops. Thanks everyone! See you next year!


New Sketchbook

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Consider yourself “lucky” because I put a new sketchbook up on my store!  It is a 24 page full color mini sketchbook that has some of my favorite things I made over the past 2 years.  It has a lot of familiar characters from comic books in it.

Each book will have a custom sketch by me on the inside cover.

GO HERE to order one today!

Screen shot 2014-03-17 at 9.47.37 AM

Digital Dog Soup Podcast

Hey all, I wanted to let you know that my buddies Joel Lolar Joe Daxberger and myself have started a comic book themed podcast!  It’s free to listen to and you can find it on itunes.  HERE!
We have reoccurring segments, comic reviews, movie news, and special guests!  Please take a listen and share with your friends and enemies!



New York Comic Con

I am off to New York Comic Con to

1. Comics

2. Visit my favorite artists in the biz.

3. Visit some friends I have made over the internets.

4. See all the new stuff that is coming out that I can’t afford to buy

5. Give out Return to Rander Issue #1 to people who are cool

See you on the flip side, and I will post a haul pic when I can!

Here is a new self portrait of myself, so if you see me at the con, say hi!