Sunday in Rander • 145th Edition

The complete edition is almost here!  The Kickstarter campaign has gone live and is over 50% funded as of today!  There are still over 3 weeks left to pledge and a lot of cool extras to get your hands on!  Be one of the first to get this book, click the link below!

Sunday in Rander • 123rd Edition

So, as I mentioned last edition, there is a new mini comic coming in a few weeks of Return to Rander entitled “Enter the Devil”. This will be part of the Stockpile Comics EP mini comic line. It will be numbered EP02 and this will be the back panel of the book. This is a cool video showing how I colored it.  Enjoy!

Sunday in Rander • 108th Edition

Welcome back to Sunday in Rander! This week I bring you a new mini-strip!  I love doing these 1 page quickies. They are challenging to fit a small idea or story into just 9 panels, and it also brings more insight into characters that I can’t get to in the main storyline.  The one I bring to you this week is about a brand new character to Return to Rander. He will debut in Book 2 (THE BLOOD ISLE). Enjoy!

RR BI mini 1

New Online Store!

Hey doods, I created a new online store for your perusal. A few things about it…

Part 1- Return to Rander #4 is up for preorder!

Part 2- Return to Rander #1-3 are super cheap right now!

Part 3- Discount code “MATADOR” for an insider discount!

Part 4- I added a new commission option if you want artwork for me!

Check it out at

The End!

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