Sunday in Rander • 109th Edition

A late Sunday this week. As many of you know Boston Comic Con 2015 happened this past weekend and it was my most successful and enjoyable con I have ever attended. This was the 5th year in a row that I tabled at Boston Comic Con.  I sold a lot of books to new and old readers, got a lot of good feedback, and sold some original art!  I was asked if there was a sequel coming out many times, and assured everyone that I am currently at work on it now. It’s a great feeling when people return to let you know that they enjoyed what they purchased from you.  Thanks again to everyone who took a shot at my book!  Another great thing that happened was having my “Tick” pinup in the Boston Con exclusive comic that came out over the weekend. NEC was kind enough to invite myself as well as Ian Nichols over to the booth for a signing of the issue.  We had fun drawing Tick and Arthur on a line of fan’s covers for them.  What a fun experience that was!  I always have fun tabling with my buddies Joe Dax, Joel Lolar, Rian Miller and B-wise. I also have lots of now friends amongst the creators at the show, John Y, Jennie Wood, Jim Wahl, Matt Bisette, Jim Ghallager, Ian Nichols, Joe Mederios. I also got a chance to take home some amazing artwork of Cable by a few friends, as well as Nate Bellegarde.  The 3 days went by way too fast, so until next year Boston Con…



My Booth setup








The boys are back in town…




Ian and myself at the NEC booth signing, and sketching covers…IMG_5734 IMG_5731

My amazing Cable art I walked away with.IMG_5739

Sunday in Rander • 72nd Edition

So, last week was Boston Comic Con 2014!  I decided to dedicate this edition to a recap. I sold quite a few Return to Rander issues, met some new fans and old fans alike!  Once again I shared space with Joe Daxberger, Joel Lolar, Rian Miller and Brian Weiner.  I was able to sell some sketchbooks and do some custom sketches on the inside cover which is always a blast.  I also tried something new and started whipping out fun TMNT sketches and people were buying them up faster than I could draw them.  I also was able to do a Iron Fist Sketch cover for a commission, and picked up a lot of cool new goodies for myself with my earnings. All and all it was a memorable experience and contrasted itself with last years quite nicely.  I can’t wait for 2015’s BCC as it’s going to be even bigger and badder!  Please take a look at the group of photos from the weekend.  Till next week!

IMG_5130 IMG_5135



IMG_5121 IMG_5170 IMG_5171 IMG_5163

Sunday in Rander • Episode 32

Whoops, forgot to post something yesterday because I was so busy with Boston Comic Con and hanging with all of my talented friends!  Here is a pic of all of us at our booths!


The weekend was a success, and the issue has been put into many more hands!  I sold just 1 sketch cover with a custom sketch on it.  He wanted a Ninja Turtle Rander mashup!

rander turtle sketchcover

Boston Comic Con 2013

Screen shot 2012-11-12 at 3.55.52 PM

Boston Comic Con 2013 will be this weekend April 20 & 21!  It will be at the Hynes Convention Center again, and twice as big!  I will be there for the 3rd year in a row next to my fellow artist Joe Daxberger.  This is an exciting year for me as I will be debuting Return to Rander #1 to the comic world.  I will also be offering prints, original artwork and free swag.  So please swing by and at least say hi!