Sunday in Rander • 52nd Edition

March is in full swing, and so is the artwork for issue #3.  Currently I am doing finishing touches on the art, and then will begin lettering.  But you know what is done?  The cover!  Here is the Blane centric cover with colors by the great Jesse Munoz over at!


Sunday in Rander • 50th Edition

Welcome to the 50th Sunday in Rander post!  It feels like yesterday that I started doing these posts.  Well, I wanted to share something special, so here is the black and white artwork for Issue #3, coming soon to a comic store probably not near you.

As you can see, Blane is on the cover of this issue.  I wanted to make something simple and reminiscent of desperado.  The very talented Jesse Munoz will be doing colors for it, so once that is done, I will share.  Till next time, take care!

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