Sunday in Rander • 114th Edition

Happy New Year Rander fans!  It’s a special week on Sunday in Rander as I bring to you the cover of Blood Isle Issue #1. This is just the inks at the moment with some added toning.  This is the final piece of art that is needed to complete the issue. I am awaiting on some great bonus content from a few creators and then the book will be assembled and be ready for a spring release. I am looking to release it on April 1st, exactly 3 years after the first issue of Return to Rander: The Lone Savior #1.   Thanks for stopping by, I have a lot of exciting things happening in 2016 so stay tuned.



Sunday in Rander • 96th Edition


Here is the cover to the 220 page Return to Rander Volume  1 Graphic Novel!

I wanted to keep the cover nice and clean, and leave the messy violent bloody shit for the inside!

What do y’all think?

It will be debuting very soon, so get ready!



Sunday in Rander • 74th Edition

We are closing in on 75 editions of Sunday in Rander!  This week I bring you a panel from issue 4. It is graytoned and ready to go!  Will our savior make it to the sea ship in hopes of finding Rander?  You will have to buy issue 4 to find out.

Next week I premier the cover to issue #4, so check back!

Screen shot 2014-08-22 at 12.40.06 PM

Sunday in Rander • Episode 27

Last episode of June brings to you a panel in progress!  I worked on this panel today, and gives a grissly look at what is to come.  Frustrations are high as the chase continues. I don’t want there to be any context in terms of who this happens to and when, so don’t ask.  Just know, that yes, the Matador returns for issue 2 and is pissed.  I have now told enough people that I plan to release issue 2 sometime in November.  Sharing it here will only keep me more motivated to make that date!  I plan to get a lot of the finished pages scanned and start setting up the layout of the issue and throw in some dailogue.  I’ll keep you all posted for sure!  Till next week, Happy 4th of July!

issue 2 panel

Sunday in Rander • Episode 23

This week’s Sunday in Rander episode brings you a warm up mini comic.  I was just sketching some character designs for issue #2, and in doing so, drew this little bar room story.  You can probably see it someday in print in a bonus section.  Come back next Sunday to see artwork from issue #2!RANDER BAR COMIC

Walking Dead Sketch Cover

Hey all, I am sure many of you know that Boston Comic Con was postponed.  Fortunately, I was able to hang out with some of my favorite and talented friends.  During this extra free time, I made this sketch cover of Walking Dead #109.  Contact me if you are interested in purchasing.

wd sketch cover

Sketch Covers!

Hey everyone. Sorry for the lack of actual art posts this month. The kickstarter campaign has really consumed a lot of my time as of late.  The first issue of Return to Rander has officially 100% Funded, and has been sent to the printers.  This is great news because #1 I will be able to start shipping orders on April 1st.  And since I will have the books in posession people can start ordering from my online store on April 3rd.  I have already received the small run of sketch cover issues and have been drawing the full color sketches on them for the $50 reward. So please enjoy and if you want one for yourself, visit the kickstarter!


Sunday in Rander • Episode 17

It is true.  I am going to Kickstart the printing for Return to Rander issue #1!

I plan to have the Kickstarter campaign begin on March 1st with lotsa goodies related to the comic.  Including original art, stickers, prints, and a t-shirt! And since the comic is 95% done, it will ship super soon.

Stay tuned to here and my facebook page to find out when it goes live!


Sunday in Rander • Episode 13

Lucky episode 13 brings you the new exclusive Return to Rander print that will be used as a kickstarter pledge level in March!  It may just be a kickstarter exclusive, so don’t expect to pick one of these up at a Con unless there are some left over!

And if you haven’t already please check out the exclusive Issue 1 Preview HERE!

RR PINUP color

Cable & X-Force #1 Sketch cover by ME!

Yet again, i bought the sketch cover variant of the new Marvel Now book Cable & X-Force #1.   I decided to draw the new design of Cable ::cough(Solidus)cough::

I used the usual Copic toolkit of pens brushes and markers to put this together.  Hope you enjoy!

detail IMG_1867 IMG_1869 photo

Sunday in Rander • Episode 12

Finally we have reached 2013, the year of Rander!  This week’s episode will show you an actual page out of the back of issue #1!  This is going to be some extra stuff you get aside from the story.  Also please check out and LIKE the comic.  I will be posting exclusive things just to the facebook page, including a 5 page preview of issue 1 next week!