Munchkin Man-Gull

Along with my Return to Rander custom Munchkin cards, I had to have a monster in the deck that was… nearly unstoppable, relentless and strong enough to rip the arms off a man. I give you the Man-Gull Munchkin card. No dungeon is safe when Man-Gull lurks in one of the rooms! Make sure you read Man-Gull by my buddy Rian Miller.  Go to and pick up a copy.



Sunday in Rander • 67th Edition

This week on Sunday in Rander, I was inspired by Steve Jackson’s Munchkin game.  My buddies and I are in board game full swing, and recently I picked up Munchkin.  I fell in love with it, and guess what, it came with some blank cards.  Immediately I wanted to make my characters. But being the nit picker I am, I had to have them look like they belonged in the deck with the rest of the cards. What I did was draw the characters in the same style as the art of Munchkin, and then designed the card, printed it on label stock and placed it right into the empty space of the blank card.  I’m pretty excited to possibly open a door and find The Matador waiting for me! If you want these characters in your game, shoot me a message. Next up is getting a high level Man-Gull card!